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UV Series Vacuum Pumps

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Air-cooled Vacuum Pumps - UV SERIES

The air cooled UV Series vacuum pumps are the best solution for energy savings, reduced operational costs and versatility even in the harshest environmental conditions. With capacity up to 6.480 m3/h and a minimal residual pressure of 0.5 mbar(a), these machines are easy-to-install, fully automatic and they need no foundation. The UV Series vacuum pumps are valued in many industrial applications thanks to their performance, durability, easy-to-service design and their low Life Cycle Cost.

Special versions:
  • UV H: vapor suction capability, machine temperature 110° C for drying processes. Unique feature, exclusively by Pneumofore

  • UV HC: hot climate version of air cooled pumps for ambient temperature up to 55° C. Extra large heat exchangers and fans for tropical climates

  • UV VS: Variable Speed drive from 35 to 60 Hz to optimise the power consumption, for a constant vacuum at the process

  • UV Ex: explosion-proof. Installation in explosive areas with dedicated electrical components

  • UV B: double stage vacuum system with a roots blower as second vacuum stage. Can be combined with any other UV version. Frequently applied in pipeline drying

  • UV HR: Heat Recovery vacuum system for room temperature above 40°C

  • UV S: special versions of UV pumps for tailored dimensions, ethernet, skid mounted, stainless steel, weather proof construction or extra heavy-duty frame






System Engineering :

Every Pneumofore solution includes custom system engineering by the company’s technical office in collaboration with its local partner, Dogussan. This results in a complete set of installation drawings showing the entire system layout and pipeline design. Having tailored system dimensioning and pipeline calculations is of key importance for customers looking for constant performance and high energy savings. This essential engineering work is offered with any Pneumofore vacuum or compressed air installation. Pneumofore also supplies any required component such as dryers, condensate drainers, receivers, filters, pressure controls, central logic or programmable logic (PLC) controllers.