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TBZ22 ATEX II 3D Exproff End. Vakum Ünitesi

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The Industrial Vacuum model TB Z22 is the right industrial vacuum suitable for vacuuming solid material. It is among the most compact in its class, Powerful, Reliable, and it can be customized according to the customer requirements. Besides the standard features of DEPURECO’s quality and safeties, the model TB Z22 comes as standard with, magneto-thermal switch, additional silencer, and safety relief valve on primary quality side channel blower. On demand TB Z22 can be equipped with HEPA14 (H 99.995%) filter, Stainless steel filter chamber and dirty bin, suitable to operate with fine, toxic and corrosive dusts. TB Z22 is comply according to European Directive 94/9/CE ATEX ATEX II 3D, the right solution to vacuum in any hazardous conditions. TB Z22 so tiny, so safe!


Aeronautical - Chemical & Pharmaceutical - Cleaning Companies - Coffee/Tea/Tobacco - Garbage/Incinerators - Painting - Paper Mills - Power Plants - Surface Treatment - Tannery