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RTSVAC / Double Stage High Oil Vacuum Pump




     TRP Series pump is two-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump and is a new concept out of routine of conventional design to satisfy customers needs for achieving high vacuum, great throughput, easy installation, operation and maintenance. It is designed for all the high to low vacuum application such as for laboratory, Semiconductor industry, analytical instruments, light bulbs, fluorescent lights, distillation, freeze drying and allthe other vacuum application works.



  • Excellent ultimate vacuun and pumping speed.
  • Improved anti-suckback system to protect the pump in the event of sudden stop.
  • International standard flange, ISO flange.
  • Low noise level and low vibration level.
  • Constant pressure oil circulating system.
  • Convenient gas ballast valve control.
  • Simple repairing and maintenance.
  •  Centralized vacuum plant


  • Ceramics


  • Chemical industry


  • Electronics


  • Metallurgy, metalization and semiconductors


  • Plastic, rubber and resina


  • Refrigeration and conditioning



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