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RAM 280-RAM 500-RAM 1000 Endütriyel Vakum Ünitesi

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RAM is the right threephase industrial vacuums that allows to vacuum and separate fluids from debris, to filter emulsions and blow them back in the tooling machine. DEPURECO use for the liquids dumping a "reverse air flow" system generated by the same turbine installed in the machine.This smart solution, used by DEPURECO only, involves the elimination of any additional maintenance and problematic risks arising from the clogging of a second pump used for the transfer of liquids. Fitted as standard with: micro –pierced stainless steel carbon basket,TNT second stage filtration for a filtration of 300 micron that allows fluids (oil, emulsions) to remain on the lower part of the collecting tank, electrical level indicator that immediately stops the Unit as the maximum oil level is reached in the container. Available in three different size: 280 lts., 500 lts. and 1000 lts. RAM, thanks to the standard accessories included: flexible hose, conic lance and discharging valve for fluids refilling, gives the Customer a great advantage in costs reducing for the oil and coolant purchase.


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