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Polderflex PUR

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PU Sution & Transport Hose, extremely pressure and vacuum resistant, smooth inner and outer linings

  • Wall: pure polyester polyurethane (acc. to DIN ISO 4649 more abrasion-resistant in comparison to polyether polyurethane) 
  • Wall thickness 3-5 mm depending on DN
  • Spiral: spring steel wire 

  • Suction/extraction of glass splinters, glass wool, mineral wool, slag, mill scale and sinter
  • Suction & transport hose for quarries, cement works, shipyards and docks
  • Working hose for silo vehicles and cargo depots
  • For highest standards of abrasion resistance and durrability
  • Refurbishment of rail systems
  • Transport of gravel and rocks
  • Suction & transport hose for the most extreme fields of application
  • Transport hose for handling and conveying plants

  • Highly durable, long service lives
  • Free of halogens and plasticizers
  • Optimum flow characteristics
  • Smooth inner and outer linings
  • Flexible
  • Extremely abrasion resistant, extra strong pu lining
  • Oil/petroleum-proof
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent vacuum-resistance and good pressure-resistance
  • Gas-tight
  • Generally good uv and ozone resistance
  • Good chemical resistance 
Sıcaklık Aralığı
  • -40°C , +90°C
  • Üst değer +125°C