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PA. 315 Kuru Kancalı Vakum Pompası

Ürün Kataloğu   Ürün El Kitapçığı
Teknik Bilgi Kılavuzu   Teklif İste

150 mbar -  315 m3/h  - 5,5 kW  Kuru Kancalı Vakum Pompası

The PA.315 claw pumps create air volume and
transfer it through the intake duct to the outlet duct by means of the rotation of two claw shaped rotors in a moulded chamber.


The dry-running contactless rotation of the rotors is synchronized by gears without any lubricant present, thus avoiding any residue generated by friction or rubbing during rotation. The gear wheels themselves
are lubricated with oil and are enclosed in two
compartments separated from the rotation chamber
by gaskets.


PA.315 claw pumps guarantee low operating costs thanks to moderate energy consumption and high efficiency. Maintenance is minimized and the level of performance is maintained for longer by virtue of the
lack of friction between the moving rotors.

  • Analytical field - ANF
  • Centralized vacuum plant - CVP
  • Environment - ENV
  • Food and beverage - FAB
  • Glass, stone and woods - GSW
  • Packing non food - PNF
  • Plastic, rubber and resin - PRR
  • Pneumatic conveying systems - PCS