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Master-PROTECT Assembly Set

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Connector Pipes for Master-Protect Pipe-Bends

Order-specific Production
  • Order-specific production in the above listed sizes, lengths and pressure steps 
  • Flange: R St 37 - 2, (untreated)
  • Pipe: DIN 2448 St 37 (untreated) 
  • Pneumatic conveying plants
  • Installation sets for Master-PROTECT pipe bends instead of conventional wear-protection pipe bends with larger beding radii in existing conveyance systems
  • Universally adjustable
  • Smooth inner intersections with existing piping and Master-PROTECT pipe-bend
  • Lower operating costs in connection with use of Master-PROTECT pipe bend
  • Longer service intervals
  • No displacement of transport media
  • Pressure level PN 6 at DN 200 or PN 10/16 at all other DN

Sıcaklık Aralığı
  • -40°C , +80°C
  • Üst değer +110°C