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LC. XC605 Model Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump

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0,5 mbar  610 m3/h Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump

XC systems are vacuum units with 2 or 3 installed pumps: they can replace high flow rate single-pump units. So Therefore XC systems offer many advantages: small dimensions, modular operation (i.e. if 100% of flow rate is not needed, it is possible to optimize the usage thus reducing the energy consumption significantly), reduced maintenance costs, reduced power required, absence of start-up surges; furthermore it is possible to carry out maintenance of the XC system without interrupting work.

PLC is fitted with a thermal protector, a general off switch, and on switches for each pump and hour counter.

These systems are suitable to suck continuously between a pressure range of 400 and 0,5 mbar (Abs.).

Standard equipment includers:
  • Exhaust mist eliminator
  • Inlet filters
  • Clogged filter gauge
  • Gasballast
  • Oil check valve
  • Pack of BV100 oil 
  • Analytical field - ANF
  • Centralized vacuum plant - CVP
  • Construction - CST
  • Environment - ENV
  • Food and beverage - FAB
  • Glass, stone and woods - GSW
  • Packing food - PFD
  • Packing non food - PNF
  • Plastic, rubber and resin - PRR
  • Pneumatic conveying systems - PCS
  • Printing and paper - PAP
  • Textile industry - TEX