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LC. 305HV Model Yağlı Vakum Pompası

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0,1 mbar  305 m3/h Yağlı Vakum Pompası

The low noise level and the low operating temperature are the main features of this series.

The damping and recovery system, equipped with a by-pass, together with the new float type oil recovery valve, ensures the absence of oil vapours at the outlet.

Moreover, a check-valve prevents the oil from being sucked back should the pump stops under vacuum.

The cooling system is ensured by an oil heat exchanger that is located on the front cover of the pump, easening the cleaning of the same. The Gas ballast system is equipped with a manual cut-off valve.

The motor-pump connection is via a flexible drive coupling.

The standard version is suitable for continuous operation within a pressure range from 400 to 0,1 mbar (Abs.).

Standard equipment includers:
  • Exhaust mist eliminator
  • Gas Ballast with cut-off valve
  • Oil check valve
  • Pack of SW100 oil
  • Analytical field - ANF
  • Centralized vacuum plant - CVP
  • Construction - CST
  • Environment - ENV
  • Food and beverage - FAB
  • Glass, stone and woods - GSW
  • Packing food - PFD
  • Packing non food - PNF
  • Plastic, rubber and resin - PRR
  • Pneumatic conveying systems - PCS
  • Printing and paper - PAP
  • Textile industry - TEX