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DL Toz Kilidi

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   Our rotary valves and diverters have a well-established reputation for being able to handle all kinds of dry powders and granular materials, such as sugar, cocoa, starch, flour, chemical ingredients, lime powder, china clay, fly ash and wood chips. A number of standard rotary valves can be upgraded, depending on the product to be handled. The housing can be made from Ni-hard casting when working with abrasive products, such as fly ash. Or the inside of the housing can be coated with chromium or tungsten, when working with mild abrasive products. What’s more, the valve can be fitted with a special rotor when processing sticky products or starch, for example.

  • Minimum air leakage
  • Rotors are available with adjustable polyurethane or fixed chamfered mild steel blades
  • Suitable for both round and square counter flanges
  • Ex stock delivery for standard executions
  • Versions conforming to ATEX 94/9/EC available, specifications up to Group II
  • Category 1D-2GD
  • Flameproof versions suitable to handle St2 products available