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BA. 500 Model Booster Vakum Pompası

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500 m3/h  -  2,2 kW  Booster Vakum Pompası

The volumetric roots lobe pumps of the Bora - BA series are equipped with three lobe rotors having a singular geometrical shape emphasizing the positive characteristics of this design and annulling the negative ones (i.e.: gas recirculation).
Moreover, the shaft sealing is ensured by a dynamic gasket preventing any leakage.

These pumps should be used together with a primary pump increasing the total flow rate at low operating pressures and reaching a great improvement of the final pressure.

The CBL Groups are composed of one lubricated rotary pump of the L series and one displacement pump of the B series.

The latter has rotors with 3-lobes and with a special profile which favours the positive features whilst overriding negative ones (recirculation of gases).
Furthermore, the possibility of a leak is avoided by having a hermetic seal on the shaft.

By having a displacement pump in the group, the rotary pump can achieve a better flow rate at low pressure and increases significantly the final vacuum created. The control system for the displacement pump must be installed by the user.

The most common applications are in the pharmaceutical sector, vacuum metal treatment, electrical transformer oil outgassing, food packaging.

  • Chemical industry - CIN
  • Electronics - ELT
  • Metallurgy, metalization and semiconductors - MMS
  • Packing food - PFD
  • Packing non food - PNF