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AC100 ATEX II 2D Exproff End. Vakum Ünitesi

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AC Z21 has been certified ATEX21 after it passed the strict quality test made by the BNV-Italia certifying authority. This Certification comply the Machinery Directive 99/92/CE and the ATEX Directive 94/9/CE, string CE Ex II 2D. DEPURECO AC Z21 is engineered and built according to the ATEX Directive and it comes with: 304 stainless steel filter chamber and dirty can, air speed reducer with Silencers, HEPA 14 filter (99,999%) for fine/toxic dusts, safety filter on air exit, Vacuumeter to get always the control of the Vacuums performances, main filter in polyester class "M" teflon coated. ACZ21 comply to all the safety requirement of the ATEX regulation, and can be supplied, if required, in Stainless steel AISI316 to operate in food , pharma. chemical industries.


Aeronautical - Aluminium and PVC - Chemical & Pharmaceutical - Cleaning Companies - Coffee/Tea/Tobacco - Electronics - Garbage/Incinerators - Painting - Paper Mills - Power Plants - Surface Treatment - Tannery - Wood